Since 1972, we have conducted sightseeing flights in the Foz do Iguaçu. A unique experience lived by more than three million passengers from all over the world who were privileged with a unique view of the Iguaçu Falls, one of the new seven wonders of nature, also with the view of other touristic attractions in the area.


All our flights and operations meet all aviation, environmental and safety regulations and standards. Our company is aware of the role it has in relation to the environment, so disclose and practice this idea.


Since 2004, Helisul has joined the Internal Program of Environmental Management, reaching in 2006, the ISO 14000 certificate. Helisul Táxi Aéreo has become the first Brazilian civil aviation to acquire the ISO 14000. In addition to demonstrate the initiatives and environmental concerns of the company, Helisul credibly testify the standards for each operation, and without any moral dilemma, do the best for the environment, for the community and for you.


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